Tips For Keeping Your House Cool In This Scorching Summer Heat

  1. Green Plants- There are many options of indoor plants which will help keep a balance in the indoor air, while planting on the terrace of your house can be a better option as the mud of the plants will absorb a lot of heat and prevent it entering your home directly.
  2. White wash- when talking about white wash here we mean to paint the surface of the roof with white lime. All you need to do is apply a thick layer of the white lime on the roof. This is a very simple yet a very effective way to beat the heat!
  3. Window Planters- the planter set on the edge of the window regulates the flow of dry air into the house making it humid, this doesn’t only appeal to the eye but also plays a major role in balancing the air of the house.
  4. Blinds-these days many synthetic blinds are available in the market but when you have to fight the scorching heat of Bhopal, they aren’t very effective. The best blinds to use are the bamboo blinds, as bamboo possesses the heat resistant properties these can be installed in the windows and doors, which will keep the outside heat from entering your home.
  5. Pay Attention on the lighting– Lighting which has been used in the house shall be given due importance. Only CFL and LED light shall be used as there are the cold light, the incandescent lights release small amount of heat and they should be a big NO.


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